Why You Should Invest in Omaha Lawn Aeration

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Whether you have a small lawn or a large lawn like an athletic field, lawn aeration Omaha, Neb. can improve the health of your lawn. Lawn aerators remove surface soil, reduce erosion, increase water and nutrient’s absorption, and make your lawn attractive and more comfortable to walk on. Lawn aerators also help to keep your grass green and healthy looking longer. The following paragraphs will discuss lawn aeration in Omaha, Neb., and its benefits.

Lawns need frequent aerating for optimal growth and overall appearance. The correct method to aerate your lawn by vacuum is called overseed, weed control, or aerating by hand. It’s most beneficial to aerate just once a year and just during the growing season. If you do it all yourself, it can take from three to six weeks, but it depends on the size of your lawn and the area that you’re trying to keep clean. You may need to do the job more often when there are steep slopes or areas that aren’t easily accessed.

Once you know when and how often to perform lawn aeration, you need to choose a reputable company to help you with your project. Look at the average years your lawn has lived and call around to various lawn care companies to get quotes. Find out what equipment they use and whether or not they use it on a regular basis, so you can assess whether or not you want to work with the same company if you decide to perform your own lawn care.

Once you’ve chosen a lawn care provider, ask them about the types of aeration they’ll perform. For example, some will simply use a rotary aerator that simply applies circular blades to the thatch. Others will use a mechanical solution that will break down thatch over time, allowing the grass to grow properly. It’s also important to find out if they’ll be removing the thatch so you can continue to enjoy your beautiful lawn.

Many people don’t realize that soil aerators can be used on a damaged lawn as well. While this may sound like it would be an added expense, the repair and regrowth of your damaged lawn can actually be faster when you aerate first. The process works by loosening the soil and encouraging water to penetrate. Once the soil is loose, it can be easily worked back into place, providing nutrients and water to the root system. If you have an older lawn that’s been neglected, you may want to contact your local grass cutting services to see if they also offer soil aeration services for your damaged lawn.

If you’re looking to improve the health of your lawn and cut costs associated with weeds, an Omaha aeration company could be the solution to your problem. While it’s true that some people may prefer to wait until their lawn has grown to a certain point before attempting to aerate it, others are happy to get started sooner. Even those who live in areas where the weather doesn’t play a major role in determining the health of their lawn can benefit from periodic reseeding. Often times, the best time to overseed a lawn is in the spring or fall. However, if you live in an area where soils are particularly prone to compaction, you should make an appointment to receive Omaha lawn aeration as soon as possible.