What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the profession that promotes movement and physical wellbeing. It helps people to manage pain and reduces disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. It is science-based and takes a whole person approach to health, including a patient’s general lifestyle.

Physiotherapists use physical methods such as massage the best pro help in the region, joint manipulation and electrotherapy to improve the function of joints and muscles in order to relieve pain and stiffness. The physiotherapy techniques used are tailored to each patient’s individual needs. They also advise patients on how to prevent the recurrence of pain and to maintain their mobility as long as possible.

For cancer patients in particular, physiotherapy can help them to deal with the emotional side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and to adapt to changes in their body. It can also help them to get back into their normal daily activities as quickly as possible and improve their quality of life.

As the population ages, there is a growing need for physiotherapy in oncology and palliative care. Research into physiotherapy for patients with cancer is ongoing, and the results of new studies are promising. For example, a study of a group of patients in an adult intensive care unit found that the focus of the physiotherapy service switched from respiratory management to the provision of rehabilitation, and this was associated with a reduction in the time to first appointment and number of appointments and a significant decrease in non-attendance.

Physiotherapy is widely accepted as an important part of the healthcare system and is offered alongside medical treatments. It is available to anyone who has a musculoskeletal problem that limits their physical well-being or movement potential. This could be caused by injury, poor posture or habits, ageing or illness. It may be in the form of an abnormality affecting the neuromuscular (nervous system and muscle and bone) or the musculoskeletal (muscles and joints). It may also involve the respiratory, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems. Physiotherapy can be used to treat both chronic and acute conditions. It is a safe and effective treatment, with few risks. It can be a good alternative to surgery and is cost-effective in comparison with other forms of treatment.