Top Roofing Materials and Risks

Get quality roofing and siding materials with ATS Exteriors market has numerous options for home and commercial roofing systems. Whether you’re seeking a complete roof replacement or simply need a new leak repair, a quality roofer can give you a wide range of products to consider. Since there are many choices, it’s important that you work with someone who is experienced in different types of roofing systems so you get the best value. If you want a truly customized solution, consider acquiring a full roof package that will include the repair, installation, and maintenance materials.

Roofing Siding

Vinyl, metal, and asphalt roofing systems have many advantages but common problems include poor maintenance and appearance. Poorly maintained vinyl roofs may show signs of deterioration from years of neglect but these same problems will appear years later with metal or asphalt flat roofing systems. The only way to avoid this problem is to properly care for the materials. Whether you opt for a vinyl or flat roof, the underlying issues must be addressed or the roof will begin to look old and faded.

There are several types of roofing materials including asphalt and slate, and each provide varying degrees of longevity and weather resistance. In addition, these roofs offer a wide variety of color options including traditional flat roofs or more elaborate artful designs. For commercial buildings and residential homes, the most popular roofing types are metal roofing, clay tile roofing, and vinyl roofs. Each one offers distinct advantages when compared to traditional materials such as wooden shakes and felt.

Although it is popular for a homeowner to replace his roof with a flat roof, these systems do not provide the durability and weather protection of other roofing options. Metal roofing systems are strong and durable, but also expensive. Vinyl roofing provides a durable product for a relatively low cost, but these products tend to crack and rot much more easily. Clay tile roofing systems provide good value for the money because they are both inexpensive and long-lasting, however they are also fragile and susceptible to cracking and deterioration. Flat roofs are great because they are easy to install, easy to maintain, and inexpensive to purchase and repair, however they are best left in their original state due to the possibility of additional damage from inclement weather.

Properly caring for your roof can reduce the amount of maintenance required by employing a few simple methods. One of the most important aspects of proper maintenance is to clean your gutters regularly. Wet leaves and debris can collect in your gutters, and it is important to clean these gutters at least twice a year. Clean gutters by hand or with a power washer, and once the debris has been removed, it is advisable to thoroughly rinse the gutter system with water to remove any residue. This method will prevent algae and moss from forming on your roof and will prevent damage to your vinyl siding and shingles.

It is important to check the condition of your roof several times each year. The most common causes of roof damage are inclement weather (including strong winds and storms) and debris (such as falling trees and debris). If you see any signs of damage or decay on your roof, it is important to address this problem right away. By using roofing materials that require little maintenance and offer a long lifespan, you can reduce the overall costs associated with your roof. Using well-designed and properly installed roofing materials such as aluminum, clay tiles, vinyl roofing, and flat roofing will ensure years of quality service and protection for your home.

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