The Role of Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents play an important role in buying and selling homes. They have many different responsibilities, but the main focus of their work is finding a buyer and writing an offer for the property. This offer is a legal document, and brokerages are required by law to forward it to the seller. They also help sellers list their property for sale and provide the seller with the necessary forms. In return for their services, real estate brokers earn a commission.


A broker is an agent who is licensed to sell real estate. They are licensed to work in the state in which they reside, but are not allowed to own their own brokerage firm. Brokers are required to attend periodic continuing education courses to ensure compliance with laws. They also maintain the required level of experience to be successful in their job.

A broker is responsible for recruiting, training, and supervising real estate agents. They also oversee and resolve conflicts related to real estate transactions. Brokers also review the contracts drawn by agents and make sure that they comply with state laws. They also market their brokerages and generate leads for their agents.

Exclusive buyer agents

Exclusive buyer agents represent only buyers and do not represent sellers. Exclusive buyer agents were formed in the mid-1990s to combat a conflict of interest between sellers and buyers. Traditional real estate brokerages were able to collect commissions from both sides of the transaction when dual agency began. But as buyer interest grew, more agents started offering exclusive buyer services to their clients.

Exclusive buyer agents have a higher standard of education and licensing than other real estate agents. They are also members of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents, which holds them to a higher standard. Exclusive buyer agents may be owners of an Exclusive Buyer Agency, manage an Exclusive Buyer Agent agency, or have their own Associate Exclusive Buyer Agents. They may also choose to earn a Certified Exclusive Buyer Agent designation.

Flat-fee agents

Flat-fee real estate agents work on a fixed rate rather than on a commission basis. This means you will know the exact price up front and will not be surprised by any surprises later on. Also, you’ll know exactly how much to expect and be able to budget for your future endeavors.

Flat-fee real estate agents often offer listing tools and comparative market analysis, which can help you determine how to price your property. ThisĀ homes for sale Kitsap County information can be particularly useful to a seller, as it can help them price their home appropriately. However, flat-fee real estate agents typically take on more than one property at a time, meaning you’ll have less time to focus on your home’s marketing and selling.


The ethics of real estate agents is a subject of concern for the real estate industry. The Code of Professional and Business Ethics of Real Estate Agents (CPBERA) stipulates that real estate agents should protect their reputation, work, and clients’ interests. The code also mandates that real estate professionals conduct themselves professionally and promote good professional relations. Finally, it requires agents to keep up with current knowledge and developments in the industry.

In addition to following the Code of Ethics, real estate agents have a fiduciary duty to their clients. This means that they have a responsibility to provide accurate information about properties, disclose all pertinent facts, and act in the best interests of their clients. Nevertheless, some agents may not uphold their ethical obligations and may even place their own interests above those of their clients. These agents may encourage sellers to lower the listing price prematurely or to accept low offers in order to make more money.