The Best Speakers For an Outdoor Projector

While some outdoor movie projectors come with an in-built sound system, the volume is not always enough to provide an optimal viewing experience. Portable bluetooth speakers are a great solution to this problem. Not only are they inexpensive and convenient, but they can also withstand tough conditions. Here are some of the top models:

Monster Blaster 3.0

If you’re interested in a pair of outdoor speakers that can support a projector, you might be interested in the Monster Blaster 3.0 speakers. These speakers have dual stereo configurations, and each features four 15-watt drivers. Each speaker also features two passive radiators. Each speaker is also equipped with a dedicated 60-watt bass woofer. The Monster Blaster 3.0 has a 12-hour battery life.

Kicker KB6000

If you’re looking for a set of speakers for an outdoor projector, you’ll probably want to consider the Kicker KB6000 speakers. These powerful speakers are weatherproof, UV-treated, and built to stand up to the elements. They come in pairs, each with mounting hardware. They’re compact and measure about 17 x 10 x 16 inches. The Kicker KB6000 speakers are able to rotate 180 degrees, making them a great option for outdoor use.

Onyx Studio 6

Onyx Studio 6 is a pair of speakers with physical controls for volume and Bluetooth pairing. The pair weighs two thousand and ninety grams and measures 11.5 inches by 11 inches. They are small enough to fit in a backpack or carry-on luggage. They also serve as an aesthetic piece for your living room or workspace.

Bose Companion 2

The Bose Companion 2 speakers are a pair of computer speakers with best speakers for an outdoor projector a compact size. They measure 7.5 by 3.2 by 5.8 inches and are slightly angled upward. They have a metallic silver finish and a simple, business-like design. They come with dual stereo inputs and an on-board volume control. These speakers deliver decent bass and sound quality.

Sony SRS XG500

The Sony SRS XG500 outdoor projector speakers are powered by Sony’s Xperia audio platform. They feature Bluetooth connectivity and a rear USB port for music streaming. They can connect to up to 100 other speakers wirelessly. These speakers can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet. They also include ambient LED lights on the side woofers.

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

If you’re looking for a pair of speakers to pair with your outdoor projector, the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom speakers are an excellent choice. They are Bluetooth speakers with adaptive EQ, and they work great in both indoor and outdoor settings. They can also be connected to other audio devices like a television. They are also water resistant, which makes them perfect for any outdoor entertainment setup.