Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, is Home to a Number of Military Units

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Randolph Air Force Base is located pit crash pads Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, and is home to a number of Department of Defense units, including the 12th Flying Training Wing and Air Education and Training Command headquarters. It’s also home to the Air Force Officer Training School and the Air Force Recruiting Service. In addition, it hosts several aircrafts, such as the T 1A Jayhawk and the T 38C Talon.

Founded in 1930, the base began as a pilot training facility using biplane trainers. It was named after Captain William Millican Randolph, who died in the crash of a Curtiss AT-4 Hawk during takeoff at Gorman Field on 17 February 1928. The committee that selected the name cited his dedication to aviation and his role on a special committee to select a site for the new base.

The Air Corps Act of 1926 required rated pilots to comprise 90% of all newly commissioned officers in the Army Air Corps, so the Air Corps soon decided to expand its facilities and improve flight training. General Frank P. Lahm was put in charge of all flying training, and he chose Randolph as the location for a new field.

After World War II, basic pilot training returned to Randolph from Goodfellow Field. In 1948, it became the primary pilot training center for the Air Force and a host base for the 3510th Pilot Training Wing. Later, it also added instructor pilot training and refresher/currency training, navigator and combat systems officer training (CSO training has since been transferred to other bases), and electronic warfare officer training.

More recently, Randolph has been involved in training for remotely piloted aircraft (RPAs). RPAs are used extensively by the United States Armed Forces for a variety of missions, from delivering supplies to military personnel and civilians to helping monitor military operations. Randolph’s training is vital for the safety and success of these missions.

Like the other two components of Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland and Fort Sam Houston – Randolph AFB is a major hub for training. Pilots here train on the T-1A Jayhawk and the T-38C Talon, while the skies are buzzing with drone training. In addition, Randolph is preparing to begin training on the Boeing-developed T-7A Redhawk, an advanced jet trainer that will eventually replace the T-38C.

The community at Randolph AFB is a very friendly, welcoming and tight-knit group. Residents are very proud to serve their country and are incredibly dedicated to the mission of the Air Force. Residents also enjoy a high standard of living, with amenities and services that rival those of any major city. There’s a commissary, BX and gym on the base as well as a wide array of local businesses within a short drive.