Office Partitions For a Noisy Environment

Office partitions are a great way to reduce noise in an office environment. Noisy offices are disruptive to other employees, and this can make them less productive. A partition can help eliminate the noise in an office, which can increase productivity and decrease employee stress. Office partitions can be made from metal studs, wood, or plaster.

ABC Partitions

Office partitions can transform the look and feel of an office space. ABC Partitions provide an extensive selection of office partitions in a range of designs, colours and materials to suit your needs and budget. Our 44mm demountable partitions can be easily moved and rearranged for a unique look and feel that oozes style and luxury. Alternatively, you can opt for the full floor to ceiling partitions that partitions are great as they act as dividers in the office and they are really cost effective vs walls allow maximum light to pass through while ensuring complete privacy and security. They also offer a high level of sound insulation.

Prodigy Furniture

Prodigy Furniture has the largest range of office partitions in Melbourne and offers some of the best prices on the market. Their office partitions are ideal for privacy and can be customized to meet the needs of any business.

Aluminium and metal stud partitions

Office partitions are a great way to separate areas of a large building. They can also be a great way to cut down on noise levels and add privacy. Metal stud office partitions are also lightweight and easy to install. They can be customized to meet a wide range of requirements.

Plaster partitions

Plaster office partitions Melbourne can be installed to separate work zones in your office. Typically, they are made of plasterboard affixed to a timber or metal frame. The materials used depend on the application and the required fire or acoustic rating. At ACE Partitions, we’ll help you determine the best options for your space.

Glass walls

Using glass walls in office partitions Melbourne is an excellent way to create a more open and airy office space. Not only can they serve as an excellent room divider, they also provide plenty of natural lighting, which can lower your electric bill. They are also extremely versatile and can be used as temporary or permanent screens, depending on your specific needs.

Portable partitioning sets

Portable partitioning sets for offices in Melbourne offer the convenience of demountable partitioning without sacrificing privacy or security. They are incredibly versatile and easy to move around, allowing you to create the space you want. Whether you want to create a smaller break area or a more formal working space, portable partitions are a great option.