IRS Tax Attorney – Why You Should Hire a Criminal Tax Attorney

When an individual or business faces tax fraud allegations, it’s important to seek experienced legal representation as soon as possible. The IRS is aggressive in pursuing these cases, and you must take steps to protect your rights and interests throughout the process. Our team of Los Angeles criminal tax attorneys from Silver Law PLC is equipped to represent individuals and businesses at both the local and national level. We have more than 100 years of combined experience, and our legal team is ready to stand up for your rights and objectives.

When it comes to federal income tax issues, there are two main categories: civil and criminal. The government can impose fines and jail time for those found guilty of criminal tax violations, but civil penalties are generally less severe. If you or your business are involved in a civil dispute with the IRS, an experienced dual-licensed tax attorney and CPA can make all the difference. Our Los Angeles tax firm is led by Vic Abajian, who previously served as a senior tax trial attorney at the IRS.

Our Los Angeles tax firm can help you resolve all types of tax problems, including streamlined disclosures, offshore bank account reporting, foreign assets reporting and payroll tax compliance. A Los Angeles tax lawyer who specializes in these matters can provide expert guidance throughout the entire process, from filing your return to defending you against an audit or collection action.

A tax dispute can affect both your personal and financial well-being, so it’s crucial to seek expert assistance as soon as you notice an issue with your taxes. You could face serious civil and even criminal penalties for a failure to comply with federal tax laws. A dual-licensed tax attorney and CPA at our firm can assist with your domestic and international tax issues, from filing your return to defending you in a tax court case.

We can also help with state IRS Tax Attorney Los Angeles disputes, such as those involving property taxes and franchise tax, excise tax and employment tax. Our attorneys can also represent you in a wage garnishment or levy case against the IRS or California Franchise Tax Board. We also have extensive experience in federal tax litigation, including arguing cases before the U.S. Tax Court and District Courts around the country.

If you have unfiled delinquent returns, a Los Angeles tax attorney can help you get back into good standing with the IRS by entering one of their voluntary disclosure programs. These programs typically offer partial amnesty on the total amount of back taxes you owe, but they are not available forever. Our firm can help you file past-due returns and arrange for payment options that fit your budget. Call us now to schedule a free consultation with an experienced tax attorney. We serve clients in Whittier, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and other communities in Los Angeles County and Orange County. We also handle tax disputes with the state California Franchise Tax Board, the Department of Fee and Tax Administration (formerly State Board of Equalization) and Employment Development Department and defend against federal and state tax liens.

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