Integrated Marine and Ship Renewable Energy Solutions

GTK can supply a variety of energy storage and battery systems to meet the needs of any application. These can be supplied in modular form as stand-alone units, or as part of an integrated system. Products include batteries for electric ships or marine craft, and battery packs for river boats & passenger ferries as well as emergency back-up power solutions for renewable energy facilities on land.

Optical Bonding Display Technology

GTK offers displays with optical bonding, which incorporates a thin film or liquid adhesive between the glass or plastic screen and the LCD, to improve performance for indoor and outdoor applications. The process enhances contrast and readability, making it ideal for use in bright sunlight.

Flotation cells are one of the most common separation techniques in mineral processing; and nowadays, when mining companies have to deal with poor source materials, modern equipment plays a key role in improving process planning and efficiency [57,58]. GTK Marine Power Mintec has recently renewed its flotation cell fleet by installing twenty froth flotation units, each featuring a next-generation design with smart sensors and sensing elements.

Customer Portal

During the process of digitizing GTK, an interactive customer portal has been developed to provide customers with a unique standardized operational route through their pilot plant projects. This digitized service can be customized for each customer at the start of their project and includes an array of digital services ranging from modern automation solutions to data analysis tools powered by machine learning techniques.

Information Management System

As a part of the digitization project, GTK Mintec introduced an information management system (IMS) to manage project data and document management. The system provides a single, centralized view of all data associated with the pilot plant projects that can be used for estimating costs and scheduling future projects.

The IMS also allows a wide range of reporting to be generated, including monthly costs and project reports. This helps to ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget.

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

For the pilot run operations, GTK installed several Coriolis mass flow meters to monitor slurry flow rates. These instruments simultaneously measure mass flow, density, temperature, and viscosity, enabling improved monitoring and control of the grinding and flotation processes. This is the first time such a system has been implemented in a mineral processing laboratory.