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Spin and Shake Mobile Bar Hire

For special occasions, Spin and Shake offers a dynamic bar experience with their mobile bar in Surrey. These professionals bring style and flair to any event. Whether you are throwing a bachelor or bachelorette party or need a mobile bartending service for a corporate event, Spin and Shake is the company to hire.

Spin and Shake mobile bartending service

When you’re planning a party, wedding, or other special event, you’ll want to consider using a mobile bartending service. A mobile bartending service provides a more dynamic cocktail bar experience. They’re ideal for any occasion and can add a touch of style to your event.

Spin and Shake Mobile Bar Hire London provides professional mixologists and mobile bars, making any event or celebration fun and memorable. They’ve won awards for being the best mobile cocktail bar supplier in London and are highly recommended by previous clients. Their professional bartenders are experienced and knowledgeable, and will work with you to plan the perfect event.

A mobile bar service provides a mobile bar, complete with all the necessary equipment. Moreover, they can work with the hosts to plan the theme of the event and provide a custom-made menu. With their help, you can relax and focus on other aspects of your event. You’ll no longer have to worry about making sure your guests are having a great time.


If you’re planning a party in London and want to impress your guests, you might want to consider hiring a mobile bar from Spin and Shake. This company features high-quality equipment and professional bartenders to make your event extra special. The company also offers cocktail masterclasses.

These mobile bars are fully mobile, and come equipped with a stainless steel speed rack and front panel led light box. They are highly configurable, and the LEDS are powered by a 240-volt power supply. You can also choose different colored lights and stickers to personalize your bar.


Spin and Shake is a unique bar experience that is suitable for any event. The mobile bartending service provides dynamic flair and style to any special event. It has a reputation for being highly recommended by Londoners. You can hire the services of a mixologist or a bartender to create an unforgettable cocktail experience.

A mixologist is a professional who is skilled at using ingredients and spirits to create unique and delicious drinks. They specialize in providing personalized drinks and can help you create a custom drink that is just for you. They hold degrees in mixology and regularly experiment with new and interesting drinks. Spin and Shake Mobile Bar Hire offers the services of professional mixologists, private bartenders, and a mobile bar, allowing them to cater to the needs of your guests.


Spin and Shake mobile bar customization services are a great option for any event. The mobile bar hire London service offers a fun and dynamic cocktail bar experience. The mobile bar is perfect for special occasions and is suitable for all kinds of events. It adds class and style to any event. It also comes with several customization options for every event, from bar to lighting.

The mobile bar service provides the services of a professional bartender or mixologist, which can make any party a success. The team will arrive at the venue with all the necessary gear and work with the event host to determine the perfect theme and drink selection. This way, the guests don’t have to worry about the drinks and service. The mobile bar service provided by Spin and Shake mobile bar customization London is top-notch, and they are well-known for providing quality service.

Speed rails

Properly laid out bars are critical to ensuring maximum efficiency during beverage service. A poorly laid bar can result in frustrated customers and stalled profits. Speed rails help to avoid these problems by saving space and allowing bartenders to serve more drinks at one time.

Speed rails are designed to make it easy for bartenders to access liquor bottles. They are designed to be placed within a bartender’s fingertip’s reach so that he or she doesn’t have to bend over to retrieve a bottle. Speed rails should also be easy to use and hold bottles securely. Ideally, speed rails should have a higher front panel so bottles can be easily accessed without having to lean forward.