Great Canadian Insulation

Great Canadian Insulation is committed to providing quality and cost-effective insulation services for residential and commercial projects. The company offers a wide range of products and installation services for new construction and renovation projects, including spray foam, blown-in attic insulation, and batt and poly insulation. It also provides air barriers, house wrap materials and weather stripping for doors and windows.

With high energy prices, it is more important than ever to ensure your home or business has the proper amount of insulation in place. Poorly insulated buildings require higher energy bills to keep comfortable, leading to high utility costs over time. A properly insulated building leads to better air quality, reduced drafts and a dust and mold free environment. In addition to reducing your energy costs, it is also a greener way of living.

The right amount of insulation can help your home or business stay more comfortable in any season, saving you money and ensuring your building is as energy-efficient as possible. The team at Great Canadian Insulation can help you determine the best type of insulation for your needs, based on your budget, building envelope construction and climate zone. They can also provide you with a home energy audit completed by a Registered Energy Advisor.

They use various types of insulation, including spray foam, cellulose fibre, and fiberglass. Their team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping you find the ideal solution for your home or business. They offer free consultations and estimates, and can help you determine the most appropriate R-value for your specific project.

Spray foam is an insulating material made from polyurethane and designed to fill gaps and corners that other insulation cannot. It is sprayed on by a trained professional and expands to fill the space. It is available in a variety of R-values and can be installed in joist ends, walls, attics, basements, crawl spaces, and commercial and industrial buildings.

It is safe, non-toxic and made from recycled material. The team at Great Canadian Insulation uses it to help clients save on energy bills and stay comfortable all year round. It has an excellent R-value, which helps to prevent cold and hot spots in your home or office. In addition, it has a moisture barrier and can resist mould.

They are a family-owned and operated business that serves the Greater Toronto Area, the surrounding cities and counties, and northern Ontario. They are proud to offer a wide range of insulation and air sealing services, as well as waterproofing and fireproofing services. They are certified as an EcoAdvantage contractor, which means they meet the highest environmental standards in Canada. They also offer the Canada Greener Homes Grant, as well as income-qualified rebates. This helps homeowners and businesses get the most out of their investments. They are licensed and insured, and are dedicated to delivering the highest quality work and superior customer service. They are also a member of the Canadian Home Builders Association.