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Midwest Technical Recovery Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Technical Underwater Recovery Team?

       The Midwest Technical Recovery Team is a team comprised of divers trained in technical diving (extended depths & mixed gas), search & recovery, and Public Safety Diving.

       The Team is comprised of all volunteers, some being Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and EMTís (both active and retired) that hold technical certifications with International Certification Agencies. Most are current or former members of other existing Public Safety Dive Teams.

       The Team also includes other highly trained Technical Divers with a high degree of expertise and experience in the Great Lakes Region.

What type of training is required of this team?

        The technical aspect of the teamís training consists of mixed gas, (Nitrox & Trimix) deep, Ice and decompression diving.  This type of diving is well outside the realm of the sport diver and most Public Safety Dive teams.

        Technical dive training requires hundreds of hours of classroom and practical dive training.

Why would a Local Dive team require the assistance of a Technical Underwater Recovery Team?

        Assistance in recoveries that are in waters deeper than they train in or are equipped for.

       Cost: Technical divers spend an average of $6000 on equipment and another $1800 to $3000 on training courses, plus the amount of hours required training for deep diving. The equipment and training costs required to support such a highly trained team is usually cost prohibitive to the local government or community.

       Technical Divers have purchased the specialized equipment and paid for the extensive training that is required in Technical diving protocol.  Therefore, they are very committed to the high standards required to maintain the skill level needed to dive in this capacity. (A yearly amount of dives are mandatory of all MTRT divers)

       Technical Team training is conducted throughout the year, under various local conditions with Technical gear. This is often cost prohibitive to many communities.

       The MTRT active members are also trained in Public Safety Diving (PSD) and Underwater Crime Scene diving by Instructors from Police and Fire Dive Teams who are certified by national and international dive training agencies.

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